December 27, 2009

Bahana...Bahaya,kalo dah lapar mesti tak perasan???

Yeah...!weekend yang sama aje.....hujung minggu jek orang kawin,hujung minggu jek jalan masuk rumah kene tutup,hujung minggu jek........ Ada satu keluh resah sapa ntah nih yang memberikan satu pandangan negatif pada pengendali / penyedia makanan-makanan "fast-food"...macam-macam ada sekarang kan..ikot standart aku macam Mcd (tempat keje lama walau 2 bulan jek),KFC.Pizza Hut,Kenny Rogers dan Restoran mamak ahmad khan???

Bacalah keluh kesah dia nih...

wanna eat KFC?

It happened again!

One day usual my friend and I went to the nearby KFC to have our dinner. After ordered the burger and combo set, we found a place and sit down.

Everything was like normal, until one guy sitting next to us asked the waiter to his table. However, the waiter did not bother him so he ran to the counter and "invite" the waiter to his table. My friend and I thought that might be a prank or something.

This time, the waiter came to his table and he showed him the combo plate of chicken that he bought. The guy asked: what is this inside the chicken meat? Because it was quite a distance so we can't see real clear. The waiter look into the chicken and replied: sorry Sir, I think it must be our staff carelessly fell down the worms into the chicken while frying..

The guy shouted loudly: WHAT?!! It is not due to careless, it is grew inside the chicken itself!

When we heard the word "worm".. we was like.... Urggggg...crap...due to the guy shouted too loud, therefore the manager has come to comfort the guy and apologize that will return all his money. However, the guy continue yelling and said: how can you bring out such a thing for you customer.....

P/s : lepas ni makan kt KFC kene jaga-jaga ek...kasi scan dulu??hoho

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