July 25, 2010

Kipas Angin Tanpa Bilah

Dyson,mereka cipta sebuah kipas angin tanpa satu elemen penting pada sesebuah kipas angin iaitu bilah.kipas ini memberikan kelajuan angin 15 kali lebih laju berbanding kipas angin biasa,juga terdapat keistimewaan lain seperti aliran angin terus menerus,memberikan kita sumber angin yang segar tanpa gangguan.

Tetapi bagaimana terhasilnya angin tanpa bilahnya?Tipu muslihat ini dapat dilihat pada bahagian atas kipas,kerana bilah tersebut ada di dalam seperti di dalam gambar ini :

Original :

Dyson is a fan home fan is characterized by that it does not contain the most important characteristic of any fan, the blades!! Although it is this "fan" to accelerate the air that passes through them for more than 15 times faster than regular fans, not only this but also offers continuous, uninterrupted stream of fresh air!

But how come the air without blades? The trick is that you see in the box at the bottom of the fan, because the
blades are inside as you see in this picture:

Moving blades that engine capacity of 40 watts is paying for the air to the large plastic window which, in turn speed up the air inside the private channels to air out the window length of plastic air stream in the form of
continued strong contrast to the regular fans:

Fan made regular stream of hesitant air as the status codes for arming, and fan Dyson Vtkdk steady constant flow of air regardless of the status codes for arming, because they do not have any codes! We had talked then about expectations that the success of the product because of the high price of 300 dollars, times the price can buy by any fan! But the surprise was the Declaration of the British inventor James Dyson for a 300% increase in sales of those fans from last month. Not only that, but Dyson took advantage of growing fears of a summer hotter than Bmentgen new:

Says Dyson air conditioning does not offer good solutions because of poor ventilation (as he says!) And because of the difficulty to install and consume too much electricity, so it made rotor new to competitive air
conditioners through the ability to accelerate the air 18 times within the private channels to come in the form of fresh air with the consumption of a few electricity! Not only that, but can these fans out 405 liters of air per second!Consists of producers of the new AM02 Tower:

A linear fan reaches a height up to a meter thick, while for 19 cm only and are thus suitable for narrow spaces, and you can withdraw 33 per liter of air per second and sped up 16 times.
The second is the fan AM03 Pedestal: Changes in height between 1.2 meters and 1.4 meters and fit large spaces, and you can withdraw 33 liters of air and accelerated 18 times.

Two new Almrouhtan will be available in the UK soon and will be priced at 449.99 dollars (the price of air conditioning)!!

It is worth mentioning that the fact that the Dyson Pachtraath technological empire, which has more than 190 million euros, and has become one of Britain's richest people with a personal fortune of more than 500 million

P/s : mana nak cari?owh...teknologi!

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