June 3, 2010

Amaran Kepada Pengguna Lebuhraya MRR2

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Pls Avoid using the MRR2 at area of Kepong and roads below at the affected places

Report By A Structural Engineer

Is this stale news? Are these pictures of fresh cracks? Most road users, though fully aware of the imminent danger, actually have no choice as there is no quicker alternative route.

To put it bluntly, can we say that the JKR has "intentionally" (because till to-date no actions or penalties have been taken against the Consortium who designed & constructed the MRR2) used public funds to create a LIFE threatening "time bomb" (may be equivalent,

if not greater, in magnitude when compared with C4 explosives) to "murder" road users. Let us wait and see who are the "unfortunate" ones who will be hit by this massive RUSSIAN ROULETTE. God bless the road users. They are the victims of the corrupters and the collaborators of this heinous conspiracy.

Bolehland has lots of "exciting" dangers which the goons have planned to endanger its citizens. The very recent incident of the collapse of cable suspension foot bridge (which should be simple engineering and construction)
is a classic example.

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P/s : ish,betul ke tidak? Sila berikan kepastian...serammmm je.

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